I work as a digital designer for more than 7 years. During this time I worked for startups and agencies, but I’ve found out that freelance work suits me best. I prefer to design for performance oriented clients. 

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Since I started with design I was still in around of startups. I’ve co-founded three startups, also was employed in one and work as a freelancer for couple more start-ups not just as a designer.

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My expertise is in digital design, but thanks to my experiences I’m able to understand and collaborate in areas like online marketing, video production, digital media, project management and business.

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I've already gave a few presentations about design and digital publishing, but as much as I love talking about this stuff I also do like to create ideas and produce cool presentations for my clients.

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I love to travel. I believe that travelling is important for finding new inspiration. Living little bit of digital nomad life provides me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world which suits the best for my workflow.

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